Root Canals

Endodontic dentistry

If you have injured or decayed teeth, it is common to have them addressed with tooth-colored fillings or a different type of replacement in the beginning stages. However, as the bacteria extends to the core of the tooth, also known as the pulp, root canal treatment is likely required to improve oral wellness and protect the tooth from removal. A root canal is an advanced service offered at Sunshine Dental to remove infected inner tooth tissue and improve the vulnerable tooth to restore oral health. Cosmetic dentist Dr. Bhavik Bhakta addresses abscessed or internally decayed teeth using gentle root canal treatment and offers sedation options to further enhance patient relaxation. When you suffer from a significantly painful or infected tooth, reach out to our Corona, CA facility at your earliest convenience to hear about the upsides of gentle root canal treatment.


If you've experienced inflamed tooth pulp, extreme tooth decay, or a major chip or accident involving your teeth, it is important to call our Corona, CA office and ask for a digital scan. Some common signs you may be a good candidate for root canal therapy include:

  • A shooting or dull tooth pain
  • Lasting dental discomfort or pressure when biting
  • Sensitivity to higher and cooler temperatures
  • Puffiness around the face or gum tissues
  • A pimple-like pustule near the gumline

Our Sunshine Dental team will conduct a dental assessment to decide if a root canal or other procedure is required to ease tooth pain and regain your oral wellness. Contact us today for more information on how we can help.


Whether you suffer from chipped or abscessed teeth, they can result in a host of dental and general health conditions when ignored or left untreated. New-age dentistry has allowed us to discover root canal therapy. Undergoing this treatment at Sunshine Dental can be a beneficial solution to save your tooth and your oral health. Call our facility in Corona, CA to plan a consultation with a member of our dental team and to discover more about our methods for root canal therapy.

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