Orthodontic Screenings

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In order to straighten and align your teeth, an orthodontic screening is done before you or your child have braces or clear aligners. These screenings are completed to diagnose any irregularities and to find out what is going on inside your mouth. During your first screening, you can expect dental x-rays to be taken and for our skilled Corona, CA dentists to determine what type of treatment would be best for your needs. When you or your child come in for a screening, you will learn all about how we will fix your teeth to help you craft the perfect smile you've always wanted. Contact our team at Sunshine Dental today to fix your smile and enhance your dental wellness.


During your orthodontic screening, you should expect our dental professionals at Sunshine Dental to accurately diagnose and check for any irregularities. This includes things like an underbite, overbite, spacing issues, any overcrowding problems, or protrusions of the front teeth. Additionally, it is also common for you to have dental x-rays taken during your orthodontic examination so that our Corona, CA dentist can have a better look into your or your child's specific dental needs. Be sure that you or your child discuss and mention any questions or concerns during this exam so that you can have everything answered before your orthodontic treatment starts. Contact our office today to learn more about how we can put you on the path to a straighter smile.


Whether you've been suffering from overcrowding issues or your front teeth are protruding, it is time to ditch those irregular smiles and get on the track to a brighter, well-aligned smile. At Sunshine Dental, our dentists work hard to provide you and your family with the orthodontic treatment needed to ensure your teeth are straight and your dental wellness is tended to at all times. Contact our team at our Corona, CA office today to get started.

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