Five Questions to Ask Your Dentist About Family Dentistry

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta

Dr. Bhavik Bhakta and our experienced team at Sunshine Dental are thrilled to offer you and your family a full range of services. With diagnostic and preventive care, we can help you avoid problems and set up your loved ones for a bright future of dental health and brilliant smiles. To give the invaluable gift of wellness and pearly white aesthetics, don't hesitate to reach out to us today in Corona, CA. Below, Dr. Bhakta answers some of the most common questions we receive at our office.

1) How can my family avoid tooth decay and all its negative consequences?

A cornerstone of general and family dentistry, our professional in-office cleanings are essential to help enjoy long-lasting dental health and a smile that makes a wonderful first impression. We recommend semi-annual cleanings to thwart tooth decay by removing plaque and tartar.

If left untreated, the consequences can be severe, causing damage to the teeth, gums, and even jawbone, while potentially necessitating the removal of decayed teeth.

2) Can dental exams and preventive care improve my child’s future health and happiness?

Dental exams are also a fantastic opportunity for us to check the progress of your young one's dental development. Children who suffer dental woes, whether functional or cosmetic, have a more challenging time in school and socializing. So, you can help your child enjoy a brighter, happier long-term outcome by keeping up with dental exams.

3) Do you offer state-of-the-art imaging systems?

Nobody wants to suffer a mouth full of goop while getting a dental impression, and you won't have to! Improved dental science has led to numerous sophisticated imaging systems, and we're proud to offer you and your loved ones cutting-edge options.

These include digital x-rays, which are safer than traditional x-rays and offer Dr. Bhakta and our team the chance to see what can't be seen with the naked eye. The panoramic view offers almost unprecedented detail, showing off the entirety of one's dental tissues. We can also image the inside of the teeth, gums, and jawbone to spot any potential issues before they cause harm.

4) How can my family avoid future dental troubles?

Our comprehensive, detail-attentive dental exams can evaluate your family's oral health. Pre-emptive action is generally more effective, convenient, and cheaper. And you can save yourself and your loved one's time, hassle, and money by routinely scheduling dental exams. Using the previously mentioned digital x-rays and other methods, we can assess the status of the mouth's structures and how well they work together to avoid joint problems, chewing difficulties, and other issues.

5) What other preventive care techniques do you provide?

Once you and your family have had your routine semi-annual cleaning, we can employ additional methods to secure oral health and prevent future decay. For example, after we've cleaned and polished the teeth, we can apply dental sealants.

These clear coatings cover the molars, forming a shield that keeps out food particles and bacteria. The grooves of the molars are harder to clean and offer inviting spaces for bacteria. Sealants are an excellent option for children as well as adults, helping them avoid cavities and reducing the need for other corrective procedures down the line. Best yet, the application is quick, easy, and virtually painless.

Full-service dentistry is just a call away

Good oral health yields benefits in almost all facets of one's life. It's much easier to work, learn, and play when you're enjoying dental wellness and beautiful teeth. And at Sunshine Dental, we strive to make it as easy as possible to give yourself and your loved ones these wonderfully rewarding results.

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